With the WITTENSTEIN service concept, we are now also setting new standards in the area of service provision. We are there for you, starting from the initial concept and throughout the entire life cycle of your application.

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WITTENSTEIN Service Portal

Find product relevant information and contact details or request replacement products, inspections and repairs.

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Our service range

Highest demands require maximum reliability

Proactive approach minimizes risk of failure
For your individual applications with exceptional requirements under extreme conditions, WITTENSTEIN Customer Service offers particularly intensive all-round support. The experienced team ensures fast repairs of the highest quality and precision - with short throughput times and comprehensive support in order to prevent unplanned downtimes and increase your productivity.

Excerpt from our status check analyses

  • Basic checking of technical parameters
  • Lubricant analyses for condition evaluation
  • Measurement of tooth-flank and profile line
  • Inventory evaluation
  • Microscopic analyses
  • Analysis of sealing systems
  • Vibration measurements
  • Measurement of tilting clearance and rigidity
  • Synchronization measurements and measurement of no-load running torque
  • Analysis of and advice on fasteners

We offer you

  • Customer-specific maintenance schedules
  • Detailed documentation regarding condition and expected service life
  • Regular maintenance of your drive through systematic replacement of wearing parts

Your benefits

  • Enhanced machine operating time
  • Increased productivity
  • Prevention of unplanned downtimes
  • Minimization of repair and maintenance costs


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