A new dimension of measurement technology

The ultra-compact and dynamic IDS3010 is a contactless interferometric measuring sensor for the engineering industry. It easily surpasses the performance of other presently available sensor technologies in terms of precision, speed and industrial compatability. With a data acquisition bandwidth of 10 MHz, the IDS3010 simultaneously tracks up to 3 axes at velocities of 2 m/s. The sensor provides picometer position resolution and reaches working distances of up to 5 meters.

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Nano precise measurement

An allrounder in precision

Large sensor head portfolio

The IDS3010 can be operated with various sensor heads, which are optimized for a variety of measurements.

Various real-time interfaces

Various real-time interfaces and protocols facilitate the easy integration in industrial networks.

Integrated Web Server

The sensor can be aligned, initialized and configured remotely at any time

Runout measurements of rotating objects

Two sensors of the IDS3010, positioned perpendicular to the axis of rotation, simultaniously measure the runout.

Contactless measurements directly on the workpiece

The IDS3010 measures positions direcly at on the workpiece. Measuring errors caused by elasticities and wear in guides and bearings are excluded with this system.

Compatible surfaces

The IDS can measure on various target materials and technical surfaces (as little as min. 4% surface reflectivity).

Various applications

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