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Graduates and professionals

If your experience and skills are backed up by curiosity and a pioneering spirit, WITTENSTEIN is precisely the right company for you. We are an innovation driver for mechatronic drive technology who can offer many exciting prospects to technical and managerial specialists. With us you can play an active part in a wide variety of cutting-edge projects. Help shape the future of WITTENSTEIN – and your own future too – whether in technical or commercial areas!


What can you expect at WITTENSTEIN?

  • Challenging assignments and ample scope for your development
  • Open colleagues, who are eager to integrate you into the team
  • A corporate culture with the values of a family company
  • medium-sized structures and solid capital and funding base
  • Personalized orientation program in our WITTENSTEIN academy
  • Flexible working times and attention to work-life balance
  • Continuing education opportunities and personalized development plan

And what would we like from you?
We are looking for people who want to get things moving: You are always on the lookout for the best solution. You have the courage to forge new paths and are keen to take on responsibility. You command excellent social skills and convey your specialized knowledge in a convincing manner. You value working in teams because you understand that we can find better solutions together. And you identify with the vision and values of our family company.

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If you’re driven by passion and a pioneering spirit, we can offer you a wide range of opportunities to work on exciting, cutting-edge projects and gain valuable qualifications parallel to your studies. Get initial impressions during an internship, acquire expertise for your future career as a working student or enrich your dissertation or thesis project with practical knowledge.


What can you expect at WITTENSTEIN?

  • Exciting projects
  • Self-directed work in a business driven by innovation
  • Work in a highly skilled team with a single point of contact to support you
  • Personal development opportunities in our WITTENSTEIN academy and the familiar atmosphere of a medium-sized company
  • Valuable insights into the world of work and strong momentum for your professional development

And what would we like from you?
Do you tackle new projects with enthusiasm and curiosity, and would you like to work in a value oriented, family-run firm which is growing worldwide? Are you open and tolerant, and do you enjoy communicating in English? Good grades are important, of course. However, your pioneering spirit and your willingness to forge new paths and excite customers with innovative and intelligent solutions are more relevant for us.

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School leavers

Training at WITTENSTEIN offers young people with a pioneering spirit a first-class foundation for a successful entry into professional life. In more than 20 careers requiring traineeships, we provide you with thorough and practical training. If you prefer to study and simultaneously put the emphasis on theoretical and practical knowledge, you can start work with us in the area of your choice in the context of a dual study program. You will gain practical experience in this way, become involved in a team and make valuable contacts.

What can you expect from your training and studies at WITTENSTEIN?

  • High-quality training in our WITTENSTEIN talent arena and our departments
  • Qualified, experienced instructors impart the latest knowledge in the organization and at our in-house WITTENSTEIN academy
  • More than just theory – thinking and acting in combination: Practical projects, seminars and business games during the theory and practice phases
  • A multifaceted training program, with features like the "come together" orientation week, collective leisure activities, company training or work abroad programs
  • A young environment with some 150 trainees and work/study program students
  • Together, we will expand your individual social and professional competencies in a targeted manner

And what would we like from you?
Are you driven by curiosity and a generous dose of pioneering spirit? Would you like to play a part in tomorrow’s technology and actively help shape fascinating projects? If so, then you have the ideal basis for many career profiles. Do you take pleasure in thinking outside the box? All the better! If you also have strong analytical skills plus a feeling for quality and enjoy working in a team, we would be very interested to receive your application. Good grades are not the only selection criterion, but your grades will of course be a factor in our evaluation.

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Virtual tour



Welcome to WITTENSTEIN in Igersheim-Harthausen, Germany. Here at reception, we greet our guests and employees. This is the communications hub and backbone of the company.

Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory

Next-door to Development, Purchasing, Sales and Logistics, the assembly workstations in the Innovation Factory are ergonomically designed and offer a bright and friendly atmosphere. 

Project areas

Project areas

Short paths and spatial proximity characterize the Innovation Factory's flexible office space. Colleagues from different departments perform project-related work at adjacent desks. 

Talent Arena

talent arena

With 3,050 square meters of space, the WITTENSTEIN talent arena is home to workspaces and instructional areas as well as technical training departments for mechanics, electronics, assembly and technical drafting. Our practical training areas guarantee optimal service and support for our employees, trainees and students. 

PIONEERS hit the road

  • A pioneer traveling through Chile during a placement at the company Outotec
  • Our graduate, Dominik, in Thailand, on a mission to investigate Thai working life
  • Our pioneer Julia during her placement at ebm-papst A&NZ in Melbourne, Australia
  • A pioneer on the road in South Africa during a social project in a school

An innovative education concept

With "PIONEERS hit the road", WITTENSTEIN has created a project for personal development and cultural education for our future employees. The initiative revives a tradition from the middle ages, which is enjoying renewed relevance and popularity in the age of globalization.

This trip offers young people who have recently graduated or completed their studies an opportunity for an unique experience abroad before entering professional life: Subject to a few conditions, they propose their own job assignment and organize their stay in a foreign country. This travel is intended to expand young peoples' horizons and familiarize them with other cultures and ways of life.

Learn more about this innovative further education concept.