Medical Technology

What added value can WITTENSTEIN provide you in the field of medical technology? 

For more than 20 years, WITTENSTEIN has been supporting its customers in the medical technology sector with the most advanced solutions in the field of mechatronics. Reliability and safety are two core values that, combined with extreme compactness and responsiveness, characterize the products developed. The wide range of solutions includes motors, gearboxes, sensors and drive systems that are ideal for many medical and laboratory applications as well as for robotic surgery.



Silence & Comfort


Compact design


Fields of Application

Medical Imaging

In medical imaging, high resolution and high speed are two key factors that enable critical decisions in the most challenging clinical situations. A customer-friendly design, such as a widely adjustable multi-purpose table, also plays an important role by ensuring greater comfort and relaxation for the patient. WITTENSTEIN meets these needs with state-of-the-art products such as the cyber® dynamic actuator, a servo motor with an integrated ball screw as an energy efficient and maintenance free alternative to pneumatic cylinders, and a wide range of planetary gearboxes, characterized by a high torque density.

Surgical Robotics

Surgical robots are mostly used for their accuracy and reliability during surgery; in order to guarantee these essential features, it is necessary to have a responsive system with high overload capacity, high torsional rigidity and low vibration combined with a large hollow shaft for cable routing in the RAS (robot-assisted surgery) system. WITTENSTEIN has the answer to fulfill all these requirements: miniaturized Galaxie®. With its zero backlash and above-average rigidity with integrated attenuation properties it is just made for applications that require maximum precision – applications like surgical robots. For manipulation systems with haptic feedback, WITTENSTEIN developed Resense, the world’s smallest commercially available 6-axis force/torque sensors.

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C-Arm Machines

WITTENSTEIN responds to the most stringent demands of C-arms in terms of operability, versatility and efficiency with various solutions including the cyber® kit line, frameless servo motors offering maximum torque and a large hollow shaft in a compact size, and the Galaxie® drive system, a revolutionary gearbox with extreme torque density, torsional rigidity, low synchronization error, high positioning accuracy and absolute zero backlash.

Surgical Tables

To keep the patient in the best possible position for the surgical procedure and allow the surgeon to make any necessary adjustments without interfering with the operation, WITTENSTEIN offers a range of products from linear and rotary actuators to hygienic design gearboxes. All solutions guarantee smoothness of movement, silence and rigidity. Galaxie® gearboxes are perfect for applications with very high rigidity requirements where a hollow shaft is a must. These zero backlash gearboxes also ensure excellent smoothness performance.

Exoskeletons & Rehabilitation Aids

Exoskeletons are mainly used to facilitate human movements, reduce health hazards at the workplace and support and accompany medical rehabilitation measures. In addition to mechanical characteristics such as high overload capacity, stiffness and precision, size and weight also play an important role. WITTENSTEIN offers two different solutions for this reason: miniaturized Galaxie®, a highly compact gearbox with an extreme large hollow shaft, zero backlash and above-average rigidity, and cyber® kit line small – frameless servo motors that provide maximum torque and flexibility in a compact size. In addition, the frameless design with a large hollow shaft results in the maximum possible freedom of integration. 

Laboratory & Pharmacy Automation

The world of laboratories and pharmacies is undergoing far-reaching changes. The complexity of regulations, the need for efficiency and the increasing desire for safety at work are among the drivers. The trend towards automated solutions in which devices are connected and able to communicate with each other intelligently is a natural progression. With its extensive experience in industrial automation, WITTENSTEIN is the ideal partner for OEMs of laboratories and automated pharmacies. Our gearboxes are characterized by compactness and positioning accuracy. Combined with cynapse® sensors, they allow operating data to be recorded within machines or plants and communicated in the IIoT. cyber® dynamic motor is a brushless servo motor that delivers unparalleled performance, reliability and value from a very small package.

Delivery Robotics

The use of robots to deliver blood samples to hospital labs or shuttle prescription medications around commercial pharmacies is steadily increasing. The vehicles must navigate around the contours of the building, manage uphill and downhill gradients, and negotiate elevators or automatic doors all while sharing the space with hospital staff. To simplify this task, WITTENSTEIN developed iTAS® system, a servo actuator system (the combination of an actuator system and an intelligent servo drive series) which boast an impressively high torque, a compact design, high tilting moments and a wide speed range. 


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