Focus on diversity of uses at the annual LLRS Nordic meeting

The second annual meeting of the LLRS Nordic (Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction) Society took place at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark, on November 16 and 17, 2017. More than 60 experts in the field of reconstructive orthopedic surgery – the majority from Scandinavia – welcomed the opportunity to learn more about the FITBONE® technology’s range of uses and discuss practical experiences and successes.

The annual LLRS Nordic meeting aims to promote the use of reconstructive orthopedic surgery in Scandinavia by bringing experts together in one place and to simultaneously strengthen worldwide contacts and cooperation in this specialist field through an active exchange of experiences.

FITBONE® presentations and case based lectures: Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied
Among other things, FITBONE® experts from several different Centers of Excellence (COE) – a network of specially trained surgeons for extremity correction with FITBONE® – reported on the use of the fully implantable intramedullary lengthening nail in various disciplines of reconstructive orthopedics in a series of presentations and case based lectures. The spokespersons of leading COEs – Professor Baumgart of Munich, Dr. Tobias Nygaard and Dr. Ulrik Kähler Olesen, CEO Kopenhagen, Denmark, Dr. Knud Stenhild Christensen, Dr. Søren Kold and Dr. Mindaugas Mikuzis, COE Aalborg, Dänemark, and Dr. Jonas Fevang, representing the FITBONE® COE in Norway – spoke about the FITBONE® technology’s enormous versatility. Its uses extend from standard lengthening procedures through complex deformity corrections with subsequent lengthening and hip dysplasia treatment to reconstruction following a tumor resection. In a separate lecture, Professor Baumgart gave an account of his experience with FITBONE® in pediatric and adolescent surgery.

Latest FITBONE® technology on show at parallel exhibition
The FITBONE® technology, with its broad portfolio of products and applications, was at the center of a parallel exhibition by WITTENSTEIN intens and Fischer Medical, the company’s Scandinavian sales partner. Several innovations attracted particular interest: the unique FITBONE® for femoral and tibial segment transports, the smart control set which allows patients to activate the distraction process themselves and the world’s first app for fully implantable intramedullary lengthening nails which adapts the daily times to the patient’s routine. The FITBONE® smartphone app actively accompanies and documents the treatment process. A digital distraction log can be sent to the attending physician online.

The FITBONE® intramedullary lengthening nail from WITTENSTEIN intens is only implanted by specially trained surgeons