FITBONE® app premiered at EPOSNA 2017

The new FITBONE® app by WITTENSTEIN intens was premiered at EPOSNA, the international pediatric orthopedics congress from May 3 to 5, 2017 in Barcelona. The manufacturer of FITBONE®, the fully implantable, intramedullary lengthening nail, took advantage of the exhibition, which is an integral part of the EPOSNA Annual Meeting, to introduce attendees to its broad product portfolio.

The FITBONE® app for Android by WITTENSTEIN intens, which is currently available in the Google Play Store, enables patients to actively accompany the treatment process from their smartphone.

FITBONE® app accompanies and documents the treatment process
Throughout the treatment period, the reminder function reminds patients at the programmed times just before their leg undergoes distraction again. The dates, times of day and intervals can be freely selected and adapted as appropriate to suit the patient’s daily routine. Full treatment documentation – times, duration, intervals, frequency and other information relevant to the individual therapy – is automatically generated by the FITBONE® app. If necessary, the distraction log can be sent to the attending physician online using the Export function.

Enthusiastic reception for FITBONE®
The visiting experts were particularly excited by the handy Control Set which is shipped with FITBONE® as well as by the triple feedback on the distraction progress. The patient benefits from two visual feedback impulses and one audible impulse – yet another smart feature that makes FITBONE® safer and more convenient than any other intramedullary lengthening nail in the market.

EPOSNA – the world’s largest pediatric orthopedic scientific meeting
For the first time, the EPOSNA congress was hosted jointly by the European Paediatric Orthopedic Society (EPOS) and the Paediatric Orthopedic Society of North America (POSNA). With around 2000 participants from all over the world, approximately 1300 abstracts submitted and more than 200 presentations, it was hailed by the organizers as the largest pediatric orthopedic scientific meeting in history. It would have been difficult to find a more fitting occasion to premiere the new FITBONE® app.

FITBONE®: Highest-quality, absolutely reliable leg lengthening and extremity correction treatment
FITBONE® is a fully implantable system for leg lengthening and extremity correction that combines uncomplicated and largely painless treatment involving little risk of infection with perfect cosmetic results. The new FITBONE® app will generate a further improvement in treatment comfort for patients.

In addition to these specific FITBONE® benefits, proper qualification of the surgeon in leg lengthening and extremity correction based on this method is crucial – alongside the dialog which takes place within the Center of Excellence (COE) network set up by WITTENSTEIN intens – not only for successful operations but also for patient acceptance worldwide.