Gearhead selection “almost” in real time

The optimum gearhead within seconds courtesy of the SIZING ASSISTANT


A new, web based application which provides a fast way to configure motor-gearhead combinations and design a machine’s secondary axes has now been developed by WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH: the SIZING ASSISTANT. Both the time and the computational work which are necessary to select the gearhead are reduced to a minimum thanks to this tool. A few clicks are all it takes to give users a clear overview not only of the smallest, most powerful and most energy efficient gearhead that can be realized but also of possible alternatives. The software has access to around 14,000 motor versions from more than 50 different manufacturers as well as to WITTENSTEIN alpha’s huge database. SIZING ASSISTANT users can additionally print detailed information and documentation or display 3D CAD data.

The SIZING ASSISTANT is available online in several languages on www.sizing-assistant.com – free of charge, with no password and no login.

Efficiency engineering: Minimum input, maximum result
Start with the motor or with a predefined application – with both of these gearhead sizing strategies only a few parameters are needed, for example the manufacturer, motor type, ratio, output interface, input configuration and price – or maybe the motion profile, the required gearhead type, maximum torques, torsional backlash, axial and radial forces, number of cycles and duty ratio. The very next click returns an optimal recommendation – the smallest, most powerful and most energy efficient matching gearhead – “almost” in real time using a quick select structure.

List of alternatives shows technical and commercial latitude
The software tool simultaneously generates a list of possible alternatives, which can be sorted and compared with one another according to various criteria. The user then has a chance to “play around” with the design by modifying individual parameters and filter settings. Finally, the SIZING ASSISTANT also displays the price segment to which the gearhead solutions belong and indicates which of them are currently available. Once the product has been selected, the user can download the data sheet and the CAD data directly in various formats, e.g. STEP or IGES, or request an offer online.

“Big brother”: cymex® 5
The SIZING ASSISTANT is an efficient gearhead selection solution for servo drives or the kinematics of secondary axes. When it comes to more detailed sizing tasks – like main axes involving shaft and position calculations, the simultaneous definition of any number of axes in one project or an examination of electrically preloaded drives – WITTENSTEIN alpha’s multifunctional cymex® 5 sizing software is the perfect tool.