WITTENSTEIN at SPS IPC Drives 2015: Engineered by Pioneers

New, modular gearhead series / Brushless DC motors with miniaturized absolute multiturn encoder / Fully scalable servo actuator platform

Several exciting innovations will be presented by WITTENSTEIN at the upcoming SPS IPC Drives 2015 in Nuremberg. WITTENSTEIN alpha's new "alpha Value Line" gearhead series is based on a special modular concept which enables customized solutions with short delivery times even with high volumes. And thanks to the "cyber dynamic line" series from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor, industry-standard brushless DC motors in sizes 32 and 40 with a miniaturized multiturn encoder are now available for the first time without a battery and gearhead. Finally, WITTENSTEIN motion control has just set another new benchmark in terms of flexibility, size and power density with "premo", the first fully scalable servo actuator platform. "Engineered by Pioneers" – this innovative threesome is further evidence of WITTENSTEIN's systematic pursuit of sustainable technology leadership in the mechatronic drive sector.

New products spawn innovative processes – this claim aptly describes all three exhibits at the WITTENSTEIN stand in Hall 4 (Booth 4-221). The specialist expertise of the individual Business Units within the WITTENSTEIN group, which regularly unlock future potential for mechatronic drive technology, will also be clearly visible there.


Individual talents: modular "alpha Value Line" gearhead series

Efficiency, flexibility, rapid availability and optimal reliability – all these characteristics are now united in the new "alpha Value Line" gearhead series from WITTENSTEIN alpha. The output interfaces of the five different product variants are individually adapted to each customer's specific requirements. With its high precision, dynamics and power density, the new product family is particularly aimed at the mid-range market and is also ideal for secondary axes in high-end applications. The series includes several product variants, for example HIGH TORQUE, with couplings or as a linear system. WITTENSTEIN alpha thus has a comprehensive array of solutions for driving any axis in any performance range.


Miniature multiturn: innovative encoder concept for industry-standard brushless DC motors

Thanks to the cyber dynamic line series from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor, industry-standard brushless DC motors in sizes 32 and 40 are now available for the first time with wear-free and energy-autonomous multiturn functionality. These new, miniaturized encoders dispense with a battery and gearhead. Precise and reliable solutions for complex motion tasks – where servo motors with a single-turn encoder come up against their limits – can in future be realized in an extremely small space envelope. It is no longer necessary to search for a reference position when a machine is started up after servicing, a power failure or an emergency stop, even if the motor has been adjusted. Significant process optimizations can be achieved in this way – for instance in filling and packaging machines, food processing or automated handling processes with pick & place robots or grippers.


Now fully scalable: "premo" servo actuator platform

Maximum design flexibility, double the usual power density in a very small space, more productivity and optimized energy efficiency thanks to the digital single-cable technology – in many respects WITTENSTEIN motion control's premo platform represents a completely new generation of servo actuators. Motors and gearheads with scalable features depending on the application can be configured in a modular way to obtain bespoke motor-gearhead units. Behind this enormous flexibility lies an ingenious configuration concept. Together with various novel design principles, this flexible modular system sets new benchmarks in terms of servo actuator size and power density. Three separate product lines – base line, advanced line and high line – are already available to meet the individual automation and integration needs of heterogeneous customers and applications. They will be joined mid-way through next year by industry-specific premo variants for complex target applications with special performance and environmental demands.



1. Now fully scalable: the new "premo" servo actuator platform from WITTENSTEIN motion control (three different variants illustrated here)

2. Individual talents: the modular "alpha Value Line" gearhead series from WITTENSTEIN alpha