Limb lengthening with FITBONE®: Highest quality treatment by qualified surgeons

With several thousand operations, the FITBONE® lengthening nail by WITTENSTEIN intens is one of the world's most successful intramedullary lengthening systems. The nail is only implanted by specially trained surgeons who have taken part in technical and procedural training programs held by WITTENSTEIN intens and qualified as Centers of Excellence (COE). Patients profit from the highest levels of trust and safety and a fast healing process free from complications and pain with every operation.

The COEs are part of a steadily growing user network of selected surgeons who are specialized in the correction and lengthening of extremities with the FITBONE® system. All induction is provided by authorized trainers, so that premium, holistic patient care is guaranteed throughout – from the initial interview and examinations to the explantation of the intramedullary nail at the end of the treatment phase.

FITBONE® training: optimal preparation for the operation – and much more besides

To WITTENSTEIN intens, the innovative FITBONE® technology is just as vital for the patient's well-being as communicating the most suitable implantation technique or post-op treatment. This is why the training covers all aspects necessary for qualified, end-to-end treatment by an independent surgeon. This specifically includes precise preoperative planning, minimally invasive intraoperative surgery, the expertise required to handle the implant during the distraction process and explantation after the treatment is over.

During the training module a FITBONE® expert with longstanding experience as a surgeon explains the technology which lies behind the intramedullary lengthening nail and imparts the know-how needed for surgical procedures with the FITBONE® system on both the femur and the tibia. The module winds up with a presentation and discussion of various operative procedures.

Furthermore, the aim is to put this theoretical knowledge into practice: several operations are prepared and carried out at the future COE's clinic, assisted by the FITBONE® trainer.

Continuous learning: safety through information sharing

The surgeon is soon ready to undertake operations independently. These activities are gradually extended to other FITBONE® devices and more complex procedures, for example for defects after tumor resection, after working for a while as a COE expert. Parallel to the support offered by the FITBONE® trainers, the ability to share information and experiences with other users in the international network is invaluable for deepening the COE's theoretical and practical know-how on all issues linked to extremity correction and lengthening with FITBONE®.

COEs build confidence and trust

The COE concept enables WITTENSTEIN intens to establish an unprecedented quality standard, building confidence and trust in both the system itself and the operation. In addition to the unique advantages of the FITBONE® system – fully implantable, easy to handle, largely painless treatment, no risk of infection and perfect cosmetic result – proper user qualification is crucial not only for successful operations but also for patient acceptance worldwide.

YouTube videos on FITBONE®:

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Upcoming event: WITTENSTEIN intens will exhibit at the ILLRS Congress 2015 of the International Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society from November 4 to 7, 2015 in Miami, Florida (USA). For more information, see http://illrsmiami2015.com