FITBONE® App: smartphone app lets patients actively accompany their treatment

FITBONE® is a smart intramedullary lengthening system which enables uncomplicated extremity correction treatment of the femur and tibia. The new FITBONE® app further expands the patient benefits of digital technology in this area. Physicians, too, profit from the digital documentation of the treatment process.

The FITBONE® system by WITTENSTEIN intens GmbH is used to compensate leg length discrepancies. Patients are able to perform the distraction process themselves using a lightweight and handy little external control set. The new FITBONE® app now lets them accompany this process digitally and provides various extra features.

Throughout the treatment period, the recall function reminds patients at the programmed times just before their leg undergoes distraction again. The dates, times of day and intervals can be freely selected and adapted as appropriate to suit the patient’s daily routine. There is also a snooze function which postpones the distraction process until later. Full treatment documentation – times, duration, intervals, frequency and other information relevant to the individual therapy – is automatically generated by the FITBONE® app. If necessary, the distraction record can be sent to the attending physician online using the export function and taken as a basis for medical assessments.

“The new FITBONE® app simplifies the therapy for our patients because it takes care of several things they used to have to do themselves. Thanks to the intuitive GUI, the app is also suited for patients of all generations”, explains Roman Stauch, Managing Director of WITTENSTEIN intens.

The FITBONE® app by WITTENSTEIN intens is now available for download in the Google Play Store.